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Welcome to the home of the Dream Frenz®. We have big round heads, smiles on our faces and soft, tiny bodies that tuck inside! (U.S. Pat. No. 8,321,978) Dream Frenz are a wonderful comfort toy and make a great gift idea! Feel free to rest your head on our pillow head and dream away. Everyone should BE A DREAMER®. We want to be your friend to dream with! Dream Frenz are a pillow toy for rest, travel or play. We take the place of all those stuffed animals, toys, dolls and pillows that you usually pack. Kids just love to play with their Dream Frenz. Take a look at our Video and Product Page to see the fabulous new Dream Frenz for yourself!


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Our Dream Frenz are real Characters! Their friendly smiles are absolutely contagious. See what all the fun is about in our video as our Dream Frenz go on an adventure!

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Our Dream Frenz would love to be friends with you! We want to bring our smiling faces to your places. Take a look at all the Dream Frenz. Which Dream Frenz are you dreaming of?

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Our Story

Our Dream Frenz story began with simple sketches drawn by a young girl. These original sketches have become the faces of our initial collection of Dream Frenz that we're sure you'll love.

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